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Microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis of worms-like TiO2 nanostructures in submicron regime as light scattering layers for dye-sensitized solar cells
Venkatraman Madurai Ramakrishnan, Sondre Sandberg, N. Muthukumarasamy, Kristin Kvamme, P. Balraju, S. Agilan, Dhayalan Velauthapillai
Microwave Assisted Solvothermal synthesis of worms-like TiO2 Nanostructures in Submicron Regime as Light Scattering Layers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Materials Letters 11/2018; 236., DOI:10.1016/j.matlet.2018.11.049

The Performance of CH3NH3PbI3 - Nanoparticles based – Perovskite Solar Cells Fabricated by Facile Powder press Technique
SelvakumarPitchaiya, Muthukumarasamy Natarajan, AgilanSanthanam, VijayshankarAsokan, Venkatraman Madurai Ramakrishnan, YuvarajSelvaraj, AkilaYuvapragasam, Balasundaraprabhu Rangasamy, Senthilarasu Sundaram, Dhayalan Velauthapillai.
Materials Research Bulletin, 108, 61-72, 2018.

Nickel sulphide-carbon composite hole transporting material for (CH3NH3PbI3) planar heterojunction perovskite solar cell
SelvakumarPitchaiya, Muthukumarasamy Natarajan, Agilan Santhanam,Venkatraman Madurai Ramakrishnan, VijayshankarAsokan, Pavithrakumar Palanichamy, Balasundaraprabhu Rangasamy,Senthilarasu Sundaram, Dhayalan Velauthapillai
Materials Letters, 221, 283-288, 2018.

A review on the classification of organic/inorganic/carbonaceous hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cell application.
Selvakumar Pitchaiya, Muthukumarasamy Natarajan, Agilan Santhanam, Vijayshankar Asokan, Akila Yuvapragasam,Venkatraman Madurai Ramakrishnan, Subramaniam E.Palanisamy, SenthilarasuSundaram, DhayalanVelauthapillai
Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 10.1016/j.arabjc.2018.06.006

CdSe quantum dots sensitized ZnO nanorods for solar cell application
D Vinoth Pandi, N Muthukumarasamy, S Agilan, Dhayalan Velauthapillai
Materials Letters, 223, 227-230, 2018.

A First-Principle study of the electronic, mechanical and optical properties of inorganic perovskite Cs2SnI6 for Intermediate-band solar cells
M Rasukkannu, D Velauthapillai, P Vajeeston

Materials Letters, 218, 233-236, 2018.

Bandgap engineering in CsSnxPb(1-x)I3 and their influence on light absorption
HåkonEidsvåg, MurugesanRasukkannu, PonniahVajeeston, DhayalanVelauthapillai Materials Letters, 2018.

Materials Letters, 218, 253-256, 2018.

Electrical bistability of sol-gel derived Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin films
G Rajesh, N Muthukumarasamy, S Agilan, DhayalanVelauthapillai, KallolMohanta, Sudip K Batabyal
Materials Letters,

Photoinduced electrical bistability of sputter deposited CdZnTe thin films
G Rajesh, N Muthukumarasamy, DhayalanVelauthapillai, KallolMohanta, V Ragavendran, Sudip K Batabyal
Materials Research Express, 5(2), 026412, 2018.

Importance of Halide Perovskites for next generation solar cells-A Review
CR Kalaiselvi, N Muthukumarasamy, DhayalanVelauthapillai, Misook Kang, TS Senthil
Materials Letters 219, 198-200, 2018.

Algal buffer layers for enhancing the efficiency of anthocyanins extracted from rose petals for natural dye‐sensitized solar cell (DSSC)
N. Prabavathy, S. Shalini, Balasundaraprabhu, DhayalanVelauthapillai, S. Prasanna, G. Balaji, N. Muthukumarasamy
International Journal of Energy Research, 42 (2), 790-801, 2018.

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